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Gospel Christian Music Fest | 12.02.06

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"Mixing judgmental politics with Christianity distorts its true meaning. We intend to unite every denomination on the spectrum."


at Webster University's Grant Gymnasium, St. Louis
2-5:30 p.m.
| TIX $10-20 | all ages
INFO: 314-324-7194 or

As we watch mediocre prime-time comedy, inhale fast food, and immerse ourselves in plastic Internet worlds, it's easy to forget about 36.2 million starving Americans. This hasn't been the case for Melissa Joy, head manager of the Gospel Christian Music Fest. After highly successful runs on the East and West Coast, she's determined to bring hope, opportunity, and unity to the Gateway City.

"Our goal is to do this event twice a year and raise over $100,000 for local organizations. We want attendees to know and see where their ticket proceeds go."

For instance, the Liberty Community Worship Center's Food Pantry Ministry (a receiving charity) in Spanish Lake, Mo., assists over 1,000 people with full Thanksgiving dinners. GCF is also a catapult for up-and-coming local talent.

"We are still recruiting more acts for the event," Joy said. "We will have a national record label flying in to review performers."

So far, the bill boasts hip-hop gospel sensation Praiz. As a first-rate feature, he's performed alongside Brian McKnight, Dru Hill, and Outkast. The final point of Joy's trifecta vision is eliminating partisanship. According to event MC Brady Cook, "Mixing judgmental politics with Christianity distorts its true meaning. We intend to unite every denomination on the spectrum." Organizations desiring to attend or music groups wishing to perform can call Melissa Joy at 314-324-7194. | Lauren Beckerle

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