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Aloha/CEX | /Bread, Meat, Cheese

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Here are some days I recall over the past few months that haven't become a total blur...


Some background info for you all... My name is Cale, and I play drums/keyboards for the band Aloha. I've been doing this for years, but I've begun playing with other friends over the last year or so, and I tour constantly these days, it seems. Currently, I'm in the beginning of a tour, drumming with my friend John Davis' (Q and Not U) brand new band, Georgie James. We're opening for Camera Obscura's full U.S. tour right now. I just wrapped up a tour drumming for CEX in June, and before that I was on the road with Aloha all spring supporting our new record. Today is an off day and I'm in D.C. about to do laundry, wishing I had time for a massage. Here are some days I recall over the past few months that haven't become a total blur...


April 26, St. Louis, Hi-Pointe

Tonight was the last night of Aloha's two-week tour with the Appleseed Cast. We arrived on time, but no one at the Hi-Pointe seemed to know what was going on as far as scheduling was concerned. The show was originally booked at the Creepy Crawl, but the local opener canceled and the show was moved. I was scared no one would make it out, but as soon as we finished the first song, St. Louis filled this dirty, smoky room. We said our goodbyes to the Appleseed Cast and made our way to some friends' place to sleep.

April 28, Denver, Bluebird Theatre

Aloha began a short tour with Pinback tonight. We ate bad Thai food; T.J. (Aloha's marimba/keyboardist) got sick. The Pinback folks are all welcoming and their set was flawless. Someone in the front row lit a cigarette during Pinback's set, and Rob from Pinback is very allergic. He ran offstage and puked in the dressing room sink. Punk rock.

May 18, Cincinnati, Southgate House:

Still with Aloha...I grew up in Cincy, and it's nice to see familiar faces. Bf's Ghostman & Sandman opened up and killed. Slept at Mom and Dad's, then got up at 9 a.m. for a radio performance on, then drove as fast as we could to Ann Arbor.

June 16, Eureka, CA, Pearl Lounge:

On tour with CEX now. Our show here was nothing special; it's the countryside around me that compels me to mention today. We stopped in the redwoods earlier and felt like ewoks or hobbits or something. It's so amazing there. Then we stopped along the 101 to walk around a beach, where I made a marimba out of driftwood I found lying on shore. If everyday were like today...

June 21, Fargo, Aquarium

Still with CEX...we loaded into the club, and I wanted some alone time so I walked next door to the historic Fargo Theater to see Art School Confidential. If you ever have a reason to be in Fargo, go see a film here. I sat in the balcony and drank Pepsi. When the movie let out, it was around 9 p.m. I figured I had time to eat a bite and head back to the club. Unfortunately, in downtown Fargo, restaurants don't seem to stay open past 9 or 9:30. I finally found a place that served until 10, and I ordered a cheddar burger. I asked the server if it came with tomatoes and lettuce and the like, and she said it was extra for the toppings. A cheddar burger in Fargo is bread, meat, and one piece of cheese. Don't expect much else out of your burger-or stay, in general-in Fargo.

July 7, NYC, Bowery Ballroom:

This is my second show drumming with Georgie James (ex-Q and Not U). We load in and I go meet Kendra for dinner. The cool thing about playing the Bowery is that you're near Chinatown and all the amazing restaurants. We walked back, and the show was sold out. This is Georgie's first tour ever and we're opening for Camera Obscura. It feels a bit weird to be playing sold-out shows on your first tour with a band, but I'm not complaining. The crowd was fun. It's difficult winning an audience over when you don't have a record out and no one knows your songs, but by the end of the set, the screams got louder and the applause between songs lasted longer and longer. Thanks, New York.

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