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You Didn't Hear It, But It's Beautiful | Kevin Renick

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renick_tobias.jpg1. Tobias Hellkvist | Sides







1. Tobias Hellkvist | Sides—Exquisite electro-acoustic excursions to a place where beauty reigns supreme and everything makes sense. From a budding Swedish sound poet.

2. Gas | Nah und Fern—A four-disc reissue of the instrumental works of German techno auteur Wolfgang Voigt. Gorgeous; percolating, minimal electronica described by Amazon as "Hansel and Gretel on acid."

3. Dive Index | Mid-Air—Will Thomas is like a master dessert chef, only he works with music instead of food. This lush sonic layer cake utilizes delish ingredients like strings, flugelhorn and the voice of Cat Martino to make an intoxicating confection of a record.

4. Hammock | Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow—And maybe enough people will slow down, tune out the chaotic chatter of the world and listen to peaceful, contemplative ambient records like this so that deserving guys like Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd can keep doing what they do, which is mesmerizing.

5. Lia Ices | Necima—Beguiling, soothing female vocals for lazy weekend afternoons or that period right before bed when you're unwinding and enjoying a stiff drink.

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