Regina Spektor | 11.08.12

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rspektor 2012Her flawless performance proved she had a stern drive and loyal dedication to the presentation of each song.


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The Pageant, St. Louis

Regina Spektor approached the stage modestly. Making eye contact with the crowd, she smiled sweetly before she opened with an a cappella version of “Ain’t No Cover.” Her cherry red lips and loose banana curls brought an innocence to her already charming love ballads.

On Thurs., Nov. 8, Russian singer-songwriter Regina Spektor enchanted The Pageant audience with new songs from her album What We Saw in the Cheap Seats, as well as older crowd favorites such as “Ode to Divorce” and “Fidelity.” Her stop in St. Louis was one of her last shows in the U.S. before heading to the other side of the world; she has been on an eight-month world tour, which will wrap up in Singapore next month.

Spektor brought a little bit of Russia with her when she sang what she expressed as one of her favorite Russian songs. “The Prayer of Francois Villon” was beautifully executed and was an unexpected surprise for her fans. Her flawless performance proved she had a stern drive and loyal dedication to the presentation of each song, and yet, seeing her admiring her piano between songs and watching her rock side to side on her bench convinced the audience that they had the opportunity to see her at her first piano recital. It was personal.

Through song transitions, Spektor kept casual conversation with her audience, creating an intimate atmosphere as her modest charm genuinely captured the crowd’s attention. Her backing band of drums and cello quietly accompanied her music, careful to support her vocals rather than overpower them. It made for a nice backdrop for Spektor’s emotionally charged tales of love and heartbreak, forgiveness and acceptance.

Regina Spektor graced St. Louis with the idea that music can be true and sincere. It is not always flashy or gaudy, and success is not fueled by low-cut skirts and a 10-pound headdress. Music is about connecting and feeling—something everyone touched by her music that night could easily understand. | Kelly Glueck


Photos by Kelly Glueck

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