Andrew Benon | 05.11.2007

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live_benonThe introduction of this musical personage was a coalition of suave arrogance and glam Hollywood, as though he had stepped out of a limousine and onto the red carpet.





Varsity Theater, Minneapolis

It is rare that music portrays a persona of its own—such an outstanding personality that it takes on its own being. Andrew Benon's music exhibited this unnatural talent in his musical performance at the May 11 show at the Varsity Theater in downtown Minneapolis.

The introduction of this musical personage was a coalition of suave arrogance and glam Hollywood as Benon approached the stage with a platinum blonde beauty on either arm. Benon portrayed an air of confident egotism as he overpowered the stage in his snazzy suit and shades with "Music All Night." It was as though he had stepped out of a limousine and onto the red carpet, and the crowd that gathered before him had come in anticipation of this celebrity moment.

The evening continued on with "Rock and Roll Moves," melodical and haughty. The smooth delivery of harsh sentiments made this song a sweet transition into "Farmingtown." The sax introduced a sexy element, which permeated into the songs to follow. While parts of the show were a bit pitchy, Benon redeemed himself through fun lyrics and a generally happy beat. The exception, "My Calls," delivered a suicidal-obsessive notion in its oppressive lethargy. "I feel like I loaned you my life/ and you never repaid me," mourned Benon in this abraded track of his debut album.

Benon exhibited further expertise in his rendition of '80s rock 'n' roll throughout his eclectic mix of techno-rock and Prince-inspired pop. Further influences of Madonna and Michael Jackson were apparent in Benon's show, as it boasted a comfortable familiarity coupled with a retro-contemporary blend of modern rock. While the album was introduced with confidence and inspiration, its genre is unfortunately about two decades too late. This album will be a delight to listeners anxious to reminisce about the past, but to modern music lovers, Benon's retro sound is scarcely more inspiring than legwarmers and Rubik's Cubes. | Amanda Pelle

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