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The Women (Picturehouse, PG-13)

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Written by Sarah Boslaugh Friday, 12 September 2008 03:28

film_women_sm.jpgThe empowerment aspect of the story is entirely unbelievable.



Trumbo (Goldwyn, PG-13)

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Written by Sarah Boslaugh Thursday, 04 September 2008 02:25

film_trumbo-sm.jpgUnfortunately, rather than trusting Dalton Trumbo to speak for himself, director Peter Askin adds many standard documentary elements to the film.



The Edge of Heaven (Strand Releasing, NR)

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Written by Joe Bowman Wednesday, 27 August 2008 09:06

film_edge-of-heaven_sm.jpgIt's a feat to draw an audience's involvement into one character, but Fatih Akin does it with six, all of whom are as elaborately sketched as they are beautifully acted.



Frozen River (Sony Pictures Classics, R)

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Written by Pete Timmermann Wednesday, 27 August 2008 09:03

film_frozenriver_sm.jpgWhat makes Frozen River work as well as it does is there is always something to worry about.



Traitor (Overture Films, PG-13)

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Written by Sarah Boslaugh Wednesday, 27 August 2008 09:00

film_traitor_sm.jpgThe most successful aspect of Traitor is the way it conveys, through fast cutting from one purported location to another, a sense of just how connected the modern world is.



Transsiberian (First Look, R)

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Written by Joe Bowman Wednesday, 27 August 2008 08:58

film_transsib_sm.jpgBrad Anderson really makes you wonder why there aren't more thrillers like Transsiberian.



Hamlet 2 (Focus Features, R)

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Written by Pete Timmermann Friday, 22 August 2008 04:12

film_hamlet2_sm.jpgLucky for us, we now have Hamlet 2, which brings out the drama nerd in all of us, and is the rare smart, broad comedy.



Elegy (Red Envelope Entertainment/Samuel Goldwyn Films, R)

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Written by Joe Bowman Friday, 22 August 2008 04:10

film_elegy_sm.jpgFor its more interesting bits, Elegy suggests a less dangerous update of Nicolas Roeg's Bad Timing.



Baghead (Sony Pictures Classics, R)

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Written by Joe Bowman Friday, 22 August 2008 04:08

film_baghead-sm.jpgBaghead expands beyond the endless chatter associated with mumblecore and creates a film where, believe it or not, things actually happen.



The House Bunny (Columbia Pictures, PG-13)

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Written by Kevin Renick Friday, 22 August 2008 04:04

film_house-bunny_sm.jpgFaris is now a topliner with The House Bunny, a movie about—yes—a dim-bulb Playboy bunny named Shelley who leaves the comfort and party-all-day atmosphere of her life at the Playboy Mansion.



The Rocker (20th Century Fox, PG-13)

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Written by Adrienne Jones Monday, 18 August 2008 04:34

film_rocker_sm.jpgThe Rocker is the latest in a long line of he's-way-too-old-to-act-like-that movies.



The Last Mistress (IFC Films, NR)

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Written by Joe Bowman Monday, 18 August 2008 04:24

film_last-mistress_sm.jpgWith Catherine Breillat, Asia Argento has again found a director to twine her lustiness into proper effect.



Vicky Cristina Barcelona (The Weinstein Company, PG-13)

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Written by Matthew F. Newlin Saturday, 16 August 2008 14:08

film_vicky_sm.jpgThe performances are terrific all around, which is to be expected when talented actors such as these are fortunate to work with an actor's director like Allen.



Henry Poole Is Here (Overture Films, PG)

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Written by Sarah Boslaugh Saturday, 16 August 2008 14:05

film_henry_sm.jpgThere may well be a market for simple-minded, high-budget tales of Christian redemption; if so, Henry Poole should do very well at the box office.



Tropic Thunder (DreamWorks, R)

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Written by Matthew F. Newlin Wednesday, 13 August 2008 15:17

film_tropic_sm.jpgThere are too many fantastic performances in the movie to go into detail.



Man on Wire (Magnolia Pictures, PG-13)

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Friday, 08 August 2008 08:33


Filled with excitement, oozing with charisma, and peppered with humor, Man on Wire is one of the best documentaries in recent years.


Fly Me to the Moon (Summit Entertainment, G)

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Friday, 08 August 2008 08:27

flymetothemoon.jpgThe beginning of the story is cute and could have possibly turned into an entertaining movie. Instead, the movie becomes stagnant early on and never recovers, even with a few potentially dangerous situations for the buddies and a strange tangent involving Cold War references that will be totally lost on the intended audience.

American Teen (Paramount Vantage, PG-13)

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Friday, 08 August 2008 08:22


I’m fine with that. I like success stories of little documentaries like this one, and I love a good high school-set movie as much as anyone else (if not more). But I have some major problems with American Teen. The first one is that it isn’t good. Second, it’s exploitative. Third, it’s embarrassing. Fourth, it’s intrusive. Fifth, it’s not going to go away.


Tuya’s Marriage (Music Box Films, NR)

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Friday, 08 August 2008 08:15

tuyaswedding.jpgThe film works on a very human level because Wang neither romanticizes the Mongolian peasants nor overemphasizes the difficulties they face. Instead, he presents them as people doing the best they can in a world not entirely of their own creation, just like people all over the world.

Chris & Don: A Love Story (Zeitgeist Films, NR)

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Written by Sarah Boslaugh Wednesday, 30 July 2008 14:52

film_chris-don_sm.jpgIn an era when most gay people were closeted, Isherwood and Bachardy did not hide their relationship.



The X-Files: I Want To Believe (20th Century Fox, PG-13)

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Written by Kevin Renick Wednesday, 30 July 2008 14:25

film_xfiles_sm.jpgWhen fans are emotionally invested in a franchise to this extent, it's a daunting task to try to please them all.



Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (MSNBC Films, NR)

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Written by Ashby Walters Wednesday, 30 July 2008 14:22

dvd_dear-zachary.jpgKuenne divulges to Zachary the ugly truth behind his father's murder, including the fact that Zachary's mother, Dr. Shirley Turner, has been charged with the murder.



Step Brothers (Columbia Pictures, R)

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Friday, 25 July 2008 03:32


Ferrell and Reilly are brilliant together as two men who are have been emotionally and mentally stunted since about the fourth grade. They are loud, offensive, pathetic and absolutely wonderful to watch.


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