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Phish 3D Passes St. Louis By

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Make your voice heard-demand Phish 3D in StL

Phish 3D is coming to a theater near you. But not if you live in St. Louis. Or within a 100 mile range of St. Louis…

Formed in 1983, Phish has become one of the most dedicated touring bands in the U.S. 8 million sold albums and DVDs later, they recently released their fourteenth album and continue playing high profile shows and festivals.

The band's Festival 8 saw over 40,000 fans gathered in October 2009 to watch them play a multi-day festival and cover The Rollings Stones' Exile on Main St. album in its entirety. Phish 3D features intimate behind the scenes footage, the band's first all acoustic set, and music from additional performances.

Presented by Action 3D Productions, in association with AEG Network Live and Cinedigm, the film debuts on April 30, 2010, to dedicated Phish fans around the country.

Except, of course, the scores of St. Louis fans. 61 other cities (West Virginia gets two cities?!) will be privvy to this, what one can only assume will be, mind-blowing experience.

They are continuing to add cities to the premier. Feel free to contact Cinedigm and voice your thoughts on why St. Louis deserves to be a part of this. Let's make it happen!



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